Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Burdens of a Boat Load of Baggage

I'm bumming a little today ... even with as much wonderful as today has produced. I'm still thinking about all the death lately. The death of a lady (the mother of a dear lady friend of mine... Love them deeply.. and they love deeply). I went to the visitation before the funeral today to show my love and respect for the dear lady and her family. She was older. She lived a very full life. Had children, grand children, great grandchildren, and great great grandchildren!! But no matter, she still leaves those behind... to celebrate her legacy, but to mourn and miss the days to come. And Lauren Bacall... a legendary beauty~~~ again, a long and enjoyable (it seems) life. Robin Williams... too soon. Too tragic. And as appearances deceived the masses, he left us in his pain. IN HIS PAIN. We aren't talking about Physical pain which is bad enough.... we are talking about Emotional and Spiritual pain... the battle of every word or thought from yourself and others. ... So, there is this post from earlier today that struck me deeply. I didn't like the way it made me feel. And it brought "probables" to my mind as it was a vague post, but clear in emotion. .... I find I am correct in my thinking and I am NOT LIKING being right! People... PEOPLE.... We are human. We have baggage. Baggage that is so VERY Heavy and Problematic... baggage we carried as children and toted that garbage all through our lives... IMAGINE bringing that mess into the most wonderful relationships! ... Please KNOW that we ALL have our own messes and WE ALL should be aware enough of this FACT and should be understanding and willing to be HELPERS and DOERS of GOOD to those we LOVE... those we ONCE LOVED... AND THOSE WE EVEN DISLIKE.... because truly, those people NEED it BAD. Remember that every expression on your face (rolling of eyes, snarling, frowning, etc), every word that comes out of your mouth that isn't edifying is Capable of bringing PAIN to someone who obviously is ALREADY HURTING. Relationships are hard. EVEN when you "love" one another. WORK IT OUT. Please don't just continue carrying your baggage around from this to that.... LAY IT DOWN. UNPACK THE MESS and DUMP IT. Find a way of L E T T I N G IT GO.      Forgive.  AAAAHHH... the best way to dump a luggage bag full of the past!

  Sometimes I feel like getting really real with people.... you know.. like getting up all in THEIR business and getting up in their faces and just spewing truth and LOVE all over them. ...... then, reality hits and "tells" me that No One would like me and then I would have no one to talk to. (which would totally defeat the purpose!) ... Do you see?  We all hear "voices" in our heads... thoughts. Thoughts to deceive. Thoughts to hold us back. Thoughts to even prevent something wonderful ...even if it doesn't seem that it would be wonderful.  There was one person that I did get really real with. And it was beautiful. (I'm crying). This world is so full of hurting people..... and hurting people, well, they hurt people.  So, I don't claim to have all the answers. (I am full of questions!).  But, what if, what if we would put up our chest plates like Superman, wrap the truth rope of Wonder Woman around us, and be humanly strong, smart and quick like Batman with no real "super" power and just be real and honest through our pain. Drop the defenses and just get real.  Stop allowing our past pain, hurt and perceptions to decide when we are offended.  Take what you have chosen (not the hand that was dealt to you... because, seriously, we make our own choices these days) and MAKE it work For you and not against you. Being offended blocks relationships. Building defenses tries to control something that, well, truthfully, you have no control over. Because someone else has their own game plan... either working for you or against you. 

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